Mill is to grind. Like taking coffee beans and grinding these into small particles, which can be used with hot water to produce a drinking liquid. The grinding process enables us to extract new information from the beans; the scent, the taste and the pleasure of relaxation for some minutes. Good raw material must be handled with care or the result may fail. Within problem solving the grinding is just one part the entire process to bring a new state of mind into play. Analysis and conclusion must follow and standing still is no option.

Aviation is the art or science of designing, manufacturing, operating and navigating heavier-than-air aeroplanes collectively together with personnel and equipment. The air itself is beyond our control but an imperative part of the reality, which enables the flights to be performed. The air is both a constraint and an option to be understood and respected. Aviation has evolved into a level and complexity which even the Wrights brothers would never have imagined. Commercial Aviation has adopted technology, organizational structures and regulative requirements and a global consciousness of outstanding quality and safety.

& is also called ampersand. It brings things together; to compose various elements and produce combined efforts. Ampersand can be traced back to the 1st century AD indicating that as long as humans have strived for improvements, combining and integration of various elements have been a part of the process. To create sustainable improvements four basic entities must be present: Knowledge & Respect & Responsibility & Care. These have to balance equally in order to harmonize and ensure evolution.

Partners are people who are united or associated with others in an activity or sphere of common interests. In complex environments or during demanding processes a single mind setting is usually inadequate to produce satisfactory outcomes. We have to challenge our own mind set and through partnership we commit to progress, sharing and longevity. Effectiveness is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter choice. Partners have to be chosen with care.