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The dusk is falling and the kerosene lamp spreads the light in the small Tea House. In the cozy setting the three friends talk for hours this warm summer evening. The talk is about many subjects; from the second aviation bankruptcy they have experienced together, their previous experiences, and what might lie ahead in the coming months.

It is not the first time they share thoughts about their common ground in commercial aviation. They have had many years filled with exciting and demanding tasks. But this spring’s bankruptcy has forced a new perspective into their minds.

Is it possible to create a platform based on almost 90 man-years of broad aviation experience and passion for the operational environment? Could this platform be the basis for forming an independent company?

As dusk continues to fall over the Tea House, they envision a company that could provide services and support to commercial aviation. They envision a company that could transfer knowledge and experience to other companies outside aviation – companies with similar demands about safety and human factors.

Gradually they realize the commonality of mutual interests covering Flight Performance, Quality Assurance and Flight Safety. They share a passion for sustainable improvements.

They had walked different paths to get to this meeting point that warm summer evening in 2012. Now they sat in the Tea House: the Flight Captain, the Quality Manager and the Safety Manager. They are very different, but have mutual respect for each other’s proficiencies, skills and moral. The Test Pilot, The Auditor and the Accident Investigator know how easily a normal situation can get out of control and end up in a disaster.

They have a desire to harvest experience from aviation and transplant it into other business areas. They know their aviation knowledge can help hospitals or other critical environments operate more safely. They believe that all human beings make the same type of errors regardless of business environments.

IF commercial aviation has had success by regulation, organizational structures, quality assurance, performance monitoring and accident investigations, why shouldn’t other operational environments or industries not gain from this experience? Shouldn’t all business be able to learn by choice, not by chance?

As the sun falls over the Tea House on this beautiful evening, they decide this is a choice they would like to provide. It is now dark. The kerosene lamp glows in their faces as they talk. It is summer and they feel enlightened. They become decisive. That is what you expect from the Decision Maker, the Action Man, and the Thinker. It’s so natural.

They look back on their many different years within commercial aviation and on their individual life experience. Their conversation is easy, because they’ve been talking about this for years.
They know the importance of teamwork and how much can be gained when people with different professional backgrounds collaborate. An experience they would use and bring forward.

They now have a new situation. In the wake of a tragic bankruptcy, they realize they also have new opportunities -- to think freely and to act differently than before.

With that, Mill Aviation & Partners was born. To the three friends MA&P became synonymous for much more aviation and perspective than they had ever expressed before.

Their mission is to create sustainable improvements and performance support.
Their vision is to enable organizations to create cultures where people can perform safely and handle mission-critical situations.

In the dark of a Danish summer evening, the kerosene lamp is turned off. The faint scent resembles the exhaust smell from a jet engine.

The agreement is in place and a new, - but different flight takes off.

And a new, - but different flight takes off

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