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The Latin word 'contactus' means to touch. When the newborn child reaches out and touches, feels and senses, the first sensation of contact is learned. Later on contacts lead to further relations as a friend, an acquaintance, a colleague a business associate through whom a person can gain access to information, influential people and expand the network.
Contact is the act or state of touching physically and to create a close association or communication, to bridge and to create relations.

As long as humans have looked at the sky at nighttime, the stars have raised the question of possible extraterrestrial contacts.
So from the child to the universe the first contact is a desire of mental expansion.

Within the early aviation the word ‘contact’ became the signal to the person, who should spin the aircraft propeller, that the ignition was switched on.

For us in MA&P it is important to be in contact with other industries all over the world. To learn and sense how our knowledge and experience from aviation can fit into other industries in order to create sustainable improvements and bridge different businesses.

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