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We found the investigation workshop very useful. The theory and exercises in the classroom were well structured and very enlightening, with a good practical approach to the whole thing. We were especially fond of the actual investigation that followed the theory. It really helped us groove in investigatory procedures in our Safety Action Group, and gave us good tools that we can use in our daily work.

Lars Najbjerg
Star Air Quality and Safety Manager


MA&P is often contracted to perform Part 145 audits in accordance with the Jutland Jets’ audit plan. We find the way of MA&P’s knowledge, experience and attitude with regards to auditing technique very pleasant and helpful and enjoy the common understanding of the Auditee situation. The audit documentation has a very professional setup enabling customers to communicate in a fully digital way, providing a complete overview of the performed audit.

Peter Trampedach
Technical Manager, Jutland Jets Air Taxi A/S


There is no doubt that the investigation workshop gave us good understanding of the theoretical part of an investigation. As the workshop is set up with both theory and real life related cases, we also got better and more useful knowledge in whole.

After the workshop we worked in small investigation teams and completed a final report, which was followed up with feedback from the instructor. This enhanced our understanding by bringing the theoretical and practical part together, which will increase performance and quality in our safety related work.

Jens Eystein í Løðu
Safety Manager Atlantic Airways

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