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Within commercial aviation Quality covers several aspects:

  • Perceived Quality is how the customers experience the products & services of the airline.
  • Quality Control is how the organization ensures the different products meet the requirements.
  • Quality Assurance is how to comply with the regulatory requirements by performing compliance monitoring of the organizational structure.

MA&P's auditors/instructors as well as other appropriate support, will ensure mutual agreed and complete solutions for you.

Quality is not an act,
- it is a habit

Greek philosopher 384BC-322BC


MA&P provides independent auditing which is typically used to avoid conflicts of interest and to ensure the integrity of the auditing process. Our objective is to produce an unbiased analysis based on the scope of the audit.

MA&P offers a package of independent auditing services to your Organization which includes: EASA, IOSA, ISO, Contracting, Aircraft Fueling, De & Anti-icing, Ground handling


MA&P provides station audits according to  the latest International recognized standards for any operator by means of a cost effective concept, which facilitate and relieve the operator from sending own auditors to specific Line Stations.
The MA&P Station Audits can also comprise Operator's Specific Requirements, OSR, which cover specific topics the Operator has experienced as problematic or is concerned about.

In addition MA&P facilitates Shared Audits for operators, who serve the same station, which save time and proportional reduces the audits costs according to the number of operators, who choose the Shared Audits.


A one day course providing internal auditing techniques to staff who audit within its own organization.
The training provides an effective tool of how to prepare, plan & conduct internal audits as well as identifying non-conformances and write an audit report.


Quality system and advisory services such as Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Supervision or any other Quality related issue is provided in respect to your organization specific needs.

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