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Commercial Aviation relies upon a platform comprising a wide range of competence and regulatory requirements. It is well known that the industry breeds much experience and skills. Proficiencies that can be used in any airline and even in other complex industries or environments.

We established Mill Aviation & Partners on such a platform and a partnership. The MA&P Tale.

We look forward to meet you and your challenges.

- MA&P


...has been involved in Commercial Aviation since 1966 where his apprenticeship was started as an aircraft mechanic. Throughout the entire career Tom has developed profound interest and experience of aviation technology, man-machine interactions, instructional design, human factors, performance support, safety aspects and accident investigations.
Tom has a passion for understanding why humans make mistakes.


...has a career as Airline Pilot, Compliance Manager and Chief Inspector for the Danish CAA and has obtained deep insight in the complex operational environment of modern airlines, and the regulatory requirements fundamental for optimum aircraft operations. Jesper believes that the implementation of Safety Management Systems in aviation will continue to improve the way we continuous challenge our procedures and decisions resulting in a safe and efficient airline industry.


...has through his career as a Pilot in Commercial Aviation been working with training and checking, development of Standard Operating Procedures and checklists in different types of operations. He believes that human error often is a sign of problems deeper inside a complex system, and by accepting and learning from human errors rather than criminalizing them will help to prevent errors happening again.

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