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Q: Is Aviation the only target for MA&P?
A: MA&P services and products can be applied to customers inside as well as outside commercial aviation.

Q: Why do you think that aviation knowledge can be used in another businesses?
A: Actually it is not the knowledge from aviation, we believe has the value for other businesses. It the principles of how to establish effective methods to handle and operate in critical or hazardous environments, which is valuable to transfer into other organizations.

Q: Why the name Mill Aviation & Partners?
A: Detailed explanation is found under menu item: The Logo.

Q: Can MA&P help other airlines to improve their operations?
A: In general, yes we can, but we have to stress that MA&P does not provide "plug and play" solutions.  MA&P always have initial meetings with the potential customer to establish common ground of the process and share the same picture.

Q: Why is aviation often highlighted as a role model - but accidents still happen?
A: Accidents happen that's a fact. But the amount of fatalities in commercial aviation is the lowest in 50 years. Even the accident rate is also decreasing, but safety cannot be measured by fatalities only. 
Safety improvements should not wait until the accidents have happened. A very important parameter, to be used as a safety measurement, is the industry's ability to act on trends and precursors in the safety managements systems. 
That is the challenge - and in this context commercial aviation can be seen as a role model.

Q: Why is your website written in english language only.
A: English is the most common used language in Aviation because it is a part of an  international culture and so is MA&P's business. 

Q: Can MA&P be contacted in Danish language.
A: Yes, any scandinavian language can be used.

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