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Q: What kind of products are provided by MA&P ? 
A: MA&P's product capability includes, but is not limited to: Organizational structure and accountability, Quality, Safety matters, Human Factors awareness and performance support.

Q: Can any Organizational issue be solved by MA&P?
A: MA&P products derive from our many years in commercial aviation, which we know is a forceful backbone of any commercial airline of today. These concepts are indeed generic, robust, can be customized and used in other businesses - also outside commercial aviation.

Q: How do I become an Internal Auditor?
A:  MA&P's one-day course provides internal auditing techniques; see the Website's description under Quality. 

Q: How do I attend an Investigation Workshop? 
A: MA&P provides a workshop covering the fundamentals of investigation methodologies and how to structure an objective report including effective recommendations. The workshop can be delivered directly to your organization or be established as collaboration between companies as a shared workshop.

Q: What is the focus of Human Factors workshop ?
A: The workshop focuses on Human Factors Actives and Human Factors Latent Conditions, perception and decision making processes. The objective is to train people in understanding and recognize active and latent conditions and establish awareness.

Q: What if our organization wants to develop performance support?
A: MA&P provides advisory and coaching regarding effective crew interaction and performance support in general, which is available for your organization.

Q: We have been working with checklists and reporting for several years, so why do you think that MA&P can help us and make a difference?
A: Commercial Aviation has throughout many decades continuously evaluated operational procedures and the regulatory requirements have been harmonized. The results of these improvements and requirements have developed a safety culture in most airlines globally. 
The net result is that the aviation industry can demonstrate a constant safety improvement. So what we can offer is not only a transfer of experience, but also a proof of safety concepts.

Q: When do you consider that safety is jeopardized?
A: Any transport, any work, any activity or even no activity affects safety, so safety may be at stake at any normal or abnormal operation.

Q: Why do you state that Quality is a Cornerstone?
A: Quality is cornerstone in every business and is essential for a sustainable organization. We discriminate between Quality Assurance and Quality Control; both must be present in a Quality System.

Q: Why independent Auditing?
A: Independent auditing is typically used to avoid conflicts of interest and to ensure the integrity of the auditing process.

Q: How is Performance Support defined?
A: Based on the thesis that humans errors are inevitable, it is compelling for organizations to mitigate or even better to eliminate human errors by optimizing performance support.

Q: Are the products provided by MA&P as “off the shelf” products?
A: No - generally speaking we prefer to customize our products to suit the customer's specific needs. However we do have certain products, which are almost "off the shelf".

Q: Can you guarantee that principles from aviation will work outside aviation?
A: A general guarantee cannot be given. The specific principle and recommendation is a subject for discussion. 
Each principle requires individual analysis and customization prior to implementation into organizations outside commercial aviation.

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